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Apprentice Ignacio working on a bike repairApprentice Ignacio working on a bike repair

A six month apprenticeship at Express Bike Shop helps young people develop their work, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills.

If you are between the ages of 14 to 18 and are interested in more information please stop by the shop and speak to one of our managers.


    A bike shop story-

Ignacio is a sophomore at Central High School when he became an apprentice. He took advantage of Express Bike Shop’s unique apprenticeship program to learn new skills. Ignacio’s strong mechanical skills, work ethic and easy rapport with customers and coworkers earned him a promotion to part-time staff after his initial apprenticeship. As staff, Ignacio was a valuable resource for new apprentices and he became an ambassador for the shop at community events. When asked about his post-secondary plans, Ignacio says he is looking forward to an advanced two-year degree in automotive technology. “My family does not have a history of going to college, but we are trying to create that expectation, starting with my generation.”